Solution Partners

We actively seek partners with whom we can work to bring the benefits of wireless and quantitative digital methods to as large a number of patients and healthcare providers as possible.

Current solution partners include organisations providing healthcare services, IT services, insurance, systems integration and sports and fitness services.

How we work

  1. We work with you to agree the commercial engagement model and develop a staged deployment / go-to-market plan.

  2. We may directly supply, or we may license you to manufacture, devices, consumables and system components that are integrated into your own systems or service offerings.

  3. We provide on-going support including software upgrades and access to newly developed apps and learning within the Isansys user network.


  1. Isansys Patient Status Engine is a unique networked medical device that is immediately and simply deployable in a clinical setting.

  2. Open API and scalability ensure straight-forward integration into your system, whether for ten or ten thousand patients.

  3. Isansys product development and partner support model overcome technical risk and obsolescence and ensure a continually updated and expanding service for your clients.

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We partner with companies that share our beliefs and passion in extending the reach of continuous patient monitoring 


Solution partners we are currently working with include:

  • Sports and fitness startup
  • Global IT services company
  • Global Insurance company
  • Service company for small, independent hospitals
  • Telemedicine IT system and services company