Patient Gateway

The Patient Gateway is the data entry and local display point in the PSE where patients, users and devices are validated and connected to the network, early warning score thresholds are set and automatically generated real-time patient charts are displayed.

The Patient gateway is a multi-function unit based on a tablet computer that is located near the patient. It can be free standing or wall mounted. The interactive screen and integrated QR scanner is used to identify and validate users, enter patient details, set early warning score thresholds, register sensor devices onto the network and begin and end patient monitoring sessions.

Sensor and Data Inputs

After registration and pairing, the sensors upload data to the Gateway using Bluetooth wireless connections.

The Isansys Lifetouch and Lifetemp sensors use Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connections and the Nonin pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor use Bluetooth 2.1. One or more sensors can be used and all devices can run simultaneously.

Vital signs from each of the sensors are displayed in the form of an automatically generated real-time patient chart. In addition to the continuous wireless data from the sensors, “obs” data such as Coma scores, urine output, fluids and other relevant patient data may be manually entered on the Gateway. All the patient data is securely held in the Gateway in stand-alone mode, or synchronised with the Isansys Lifeguard Server when connected by Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.