Lifeguard Server

The Lifeguard Server is the back-end IT system that collects the patient data from multiple Gateways either in hospital or out-of-hospital settings, and delivers it directly to care teams. It features an open API to provide for straightforward connectivity with electronic medical records or other hospital information systems.

In the Patient Status Engine, the Lifeguard Server combines several functions to provide a scalable, secure and robust end-to-end patient data capture and analysis platform.

Multiple Functions

The primary function is to synchronize with multiple gateways and collect and deliver the real time patient data to care teams in the form of dashboards summarizing the vital signs and early warning scores of multiple patients, as well as more detailed views of individual patients.

These data are delivered via web services and are accessible to any authorised user on any browser enabled device, including smart phones and tablets. All the patient data is presented on an open API and for access in real time or for subsequent audit or analysis purposes.

Other functions provided by the Lifeguard Server include network control, system and device diagnostics, logistic tracking and authentication of devices, remote maintenance and upgrade capabilities, integrated qualityof- service measures and data analytical tools for clinical research. The Lifeguard Server can run as a virtual machine, allowing installation inside IT firewalls in accordance with the users’ data security and governance requirements.