Digitising the patient


Apps – An Overview


The Patient Status Engine produces big data sets that mathematically describe the physiology of patients or individuals.

Apps are applications that merge clinical knowledge with this data to address specific clinical needs. In the PSE Apps are discreet software units (programs or algorithms) that input the data and output clinically meaningful information.

Charting and Early Warning Scores

Included PSE App

  • Automated continuously updated patient charts

  • Dynamic early warning scores that can address in-hospital deteriorations and patient safety issues.

  • Thresholds and trigger points can be set in accordance with provider policies and individual patient needs

Autonomic Function

Included PSE App

  • Real time heart rate variaribility app 

  • Continuously updated Poincare plot providing powerful visual indication of autonomic function

  • Millisecond accuracy ensures highest quality data for quantitative HRV analyses 



App Development & Customisation

Isansys works with clinical collaborators to develop customised apps.

The PSE incorporates a number of powerful features for app development and developers:

  • Open system design

  • Unique partitioned architecture

  • Accessible API's

  • Time saving utilities