Case Study: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Hospitals and Clinics

Isansys is working with leading clinicians and hospitals in the UK and other countries helping them employ new patient monitoring technologies and predictive care methodologies.

This ground-breaking work is enhancing clinical practice, improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiencies.

Here are a few examples of the hospitals Isansys
is currently working with:

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Royal Free Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences

Care Hospitals, Hyderabad

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Making an impact

Tracking vital signs of patients over time can provide a view into the current and future trajectory of a patient’s status to allow intervention before the occurrence of adverse events.

This can enable healthcare providers to:

  • Reduce hospital re-admissions

  • Reduce in-hospital re-admissions to ITU

  • Reduce hospital admission times

  • Increase patient safety and clinical governance

  • Expand reach of current care outside hospital

  • Reduce overal costs and increase revenues