Introducing the PSE

What we do

Isansys has created a remarkable new generation medical device - the Patient Status Engine.

This is an innovative, continuous vital sign data acquisition, analysis and prediction platform that combines unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors, wireless networks, analytical algorithms and big data to provide low cost continuous, high resolution monitoring for all patients in hospital, and at home.

Digitising the patient

This precision patient monitoring system observes every heartbeat, every breath, oxygen saturation every second and temperature every minute to allow doctors and nurses to monitor patients better, more closely, more efficiently, and continuously.

This not only improves patient outcomes by preventing deterioration and adverse events but it enables clinicians to use this automatically uploaded data to draw new insights, provide real-time early warning scores, and tailor care pathways to the needs of the individual patient.

By utilising the data in this way, clinicians can provide the best quality of care for their patients, and ensure that every patient it treated in a timely, personal and efficient manner.

More than wireless vital sign monitoring

  • Large personalised patient data sets

  • Quantitative patient and disease profiles

  • Patient and population trends

  • Tools for data analysis and manipulation

  • Customisable apps

  • Open interfaces for tailored app development and easy integration to third party systems