Paediatric Care

Wireless Monitoring to Protect Young Lives

The Patient Status Engine is the only wireless monitoring system which is certified for use on neonates and children.*

Already deployed in several children’s hospitals, the PSE enables the collection of continuous vital sign data from children of all ages. It integrates real-time PEWS and other clinical AI to predict patient status and alert staff to imminent deterioration.

The PSE employs the same basic infrastructure for paediatric patients (including neonates) as in all other clinical applications within the hospital, except that specifically adapted and appropriately sized sensors are used that are optimised for young patients whose physiology is significantly different to adult populations. These well-stratified data are then used in one of four age-related Paediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS) to identify deteriorating patients before the onset of more serious life-threatening events.

* CE intended use only. (FDA extension of intended use to paediatric populations in progress.)


Take a look – Case Study

The PSE in action at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

At Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, UK, the PSE has already been used to collect vital sign data from more than 1,300 neonates, children and young adults. The results are already life changing.

“Kaleb’s been through a lot and having the Lifetouch on him means there are less wires around him, so we can actually be a parent to him.”

Shaun Lewis, father to Kaleb.

PSE Platform for use in Paediatric care – Benefits

Better data quality
specially designed paediatric sensors reduce motion artifact and produce high quality, continuous data

Earlier detection of deterioration
through integrated real-time early warning scores and clinical artifical intelligence

Wireless freedom for patients
unobtrusive wearable sensors, overcome the tyranny of monitoring cables

Reduced alarm fatigue  
through smart alerting and real-time trend analysis

More time to care
enabled by automatic, continuous observations and paper-free wards

Assurance and confidence
for care teams, patients and families through secure, continuous monitoring 

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