Vitals as a Service

Managed services for wireless patient monitoring and health profiling.
Large and small scale Patient Status Engine deployments for healthcare and other service providers.

We supply and manage the technology, and deliver you robust and secure patient data and patient status indicators.

How we work

  1. We work with you to determine your requirements – technical, clinical and financial.

  2. We plan, install and maintain the technology platform and provide the consumables.

  3. We upgrade the system and maintain the regulatory status. We work with you to develop your own apps to meet the needs of your patients and other stakeholders.


  1. No upfront capital cost nor
    technology risk.

  2. Controllable costs. Payment on a usage basis - per patient per day or per session.

  3. The Isansys scalable platform and expandable service model facilitate seamless and rapid introduction of new devices and new services. We enable you to offer your patients an increasing number of benefits including new higher added value service packages.

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