Clinical Innovation

We develop digital tools and techniques that provide powerful new methods to quantify and understand changes and trends in the physiological status of individuals.

We make it simple for those innovative clinicians and healthcare specialists who want to test and validate their ideas in the emerging paradigms of wireless and digital health. 

How we work

  1. We confidentially discuss what you want to do and agree with you how to do it. Our experience and your desire to get started make this a short and efficient process. 

  2. We supply the Patient Status Engine and agreed support package including documentation and other actions that may be necessary for ethics or other submissions.

  3. We assist in the interpretation and analysis of your data and work with you to scale up your work for introduction into clinical practice. 


  1. Complete system-in-a-box approved medical device. Immediately deployable with patients in clinical settings.

  2. Technical, regulatory and data analysis support from Isansys. Reduces risk and ensures successful outcome of project.                             

  3. Scalable platform and Isansys engagement model mean that innovative work in a trial has a seamless migration path into clinical practice.


Clinical Innovators

The Patient Status Engine is a unique
tool enabling Healthcare Providers to
easily generate big data sets for 1 or
1000 patients.

Isansys is working for clinicians and
healthcare specialists who are combining
their insight and experience with this new
and exceptionally powerful knowledge of
their patients.

Get in touch with us
if you would like to know more