About the Lifetouch

Wireless, Wearable Sensors Benefits

  • Greater freedom of movement for patients

  • Reduced false alarms from cable detachment or interference

  • Reduced workloads and enhanced efficiency for nursing staff

  • Improved accuracy, resulting from automatic upload of the data, for all stakeholders

Isansys technology is designed to integrate with existing nurse workflows and care pathways. Although incorporating the most up-to-date technology, the system looks and feels simple and familiar. No technical knowledge is required and minimal training is necessary.

Sensor and Data Inputs

A continuous wireless non-invasive body-worn device for collecting heart rate, RR interval and respiration data for neonates, infants and adults.

The Lifetouch is a ‘smart patch’ lightweight sensor which analyses every heartbeat to provide continuous real-time heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability.

Worn on a patient’s chest using standard and replaceable ECG electrodes, it also incorporates an ECG visualisation function for set up and verification. To use, the Lifetouch is simply scanned, attached to the patient and activated with a pull tab. From there on, everything is automatically handled by the Isansys system.

Lifetouch Operational Specs

Heart Rate 30-250 bpm
(+/- 5 bpm or 10%)

Operating Lifetime 4-6 days

Weight: 7 grams


Data Storage 133888 beats
which is:

Over 37 hours at 60 beats
per minute
Over 24 hours at 90 beats
per minute
Over 15 hours at 140 beats
per minute

Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth
Low Energy

Modes of Operation
Normal Mode Continuous Analysis
Set Up Mode ECG Visualisation


Sampling Frequency

Normal Mode 1000 samples / sec
Set Up Mode 100 samples / sec


Power Supply
Not user accessible



Length 140mm
Width 47mm
Electrode Spacing 110mm
Thickness 9.5mm


Length 175mm
Width 47mm
Electrode Spacing 145mm
Thickness 9.5mm


Length 70mm
Width 57mm
Electrode Spacing 110mm
Thickness 9.5mm

Wireless Pulse Oximeter

A blood oxygen saturation monitor is integrated into the Patient Status Engine.

This model features a display in the wrist worn unit, and also a Bluetooth wireless connection. The pulse oximeter is paired to the patient gateway through wireless Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring data provenance and security.

A choice of sensor probes is available for patients of all ages including paediatric and adult versions in small, medium, large or neonate sizes. These are disposable, semi-disposable and non-disposable.
A real-time PPG signal is obtained by remotely activating an on-screen button.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor is integrated into the Patient Status Engine.

This device is a standard inflatable cuff BP monitor. In clinical settings, in order to ensure consistency and accuracy, we recommend that a nurse or trained assistant fits the cuff and is present during the reading.

Automatic uploading of the reading avoids transcription errors, making the process a simpler task for nursing staff. As with the pulse oximeter, the BP monitor is paired with its Gateway, and offers the same benefits to users. A choice of cuff sizes is available.

The Lifetemp™

Continuous real-time temperature monitoring can provide clinicians with a wealth of information about a patient’s condition whilst helping prevent adverse events and providing optimal care.

The Lifetemp sensor is a low profile, lightweight body worn device that sticks to the body using a medical-grade silicone gel adhesive. It continuously measures relative skin temperature from patients, both adults and children, in real-time in hospital and in non-hospital settings, and transmits the readings wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled receiver.

The clinical accuracy of the Lifetemp has been established at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in accordance with BS EN ISO80601-2-56 and is part of the Isansys Patient
Digitisation Engine.

Lifetemp Operational Specs

Measurement position: Armpit/Axilla

Measuring Intervals: 1 reading every
minute by default, but can be changed on request

Output Range: 30 degrees Celsius to
45 degrees Celsius

Battery Operating Lifetime: 14 days

Disposable: Single use

Data Storage 144 temperature readings
which is:

Over 02 hours at 01 reading per minute
Over 24 hours at 01 reading every 10 minutes

Warming Up Time: 10 minutes
Users: Adults and Infants
(homecare and hospitals)

Weight: 7 grams

Radio Range: Indoor range: Up to
3 meters depending on obstacle

Outdoor range: Up to 10 meters
Radio Operating Band: 2.4 GHz



Length 165mm
Width 44mm
Thickness 11mm


Length 125mm
Width 44mm
Thickness 11mm


Length 85mm
Width 44mm
Thickness 11mm