20 Oct 2016 - Press Release

Isansys Lifecare gains international recognition for its lifesaving patient monitoring platform

Isansys Lifecare, a new generation digital healthcare company from Oxford, has fought off competition from across the country to be nominated for a prestigious national innovation award which will see the company heading to Parliament later this month.

The company has created the Patient Status Engine (PSE), a remarkable new patient monitoring platform which collects and analyses patients’ vital signs and will alert doctors and nurses if a person’s health is deteriorating.

It is …


11 Oct 2016 - Blog item

Stopping Sepsis in its Tracks

Sepsis is a more common reason for hospital admission than heart attack - and has a higher mortality.

The most common causes of severe sepsis are pneumonia, bowel perforation, urinary infection, and severe skin infections. The most common signs of sepsis are a high fever, violent shivering, fainting, cold and pale hands, rapid breathing, confusion or delirium.

Sepsis is one of our biggest killers. The UK Sepsis Trust states that sepsis claims 44,000 lives every year in the UK and costs the NHS …


05 Oct 2016 - Blog item

New technology can monitor babies and children simply, easily and more efficiently

New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of a child. Besides every day issues of care, there can also be concerns about the child’s health and well-being.

But, what if your child got sick or your baby was born prematurely? Careful and continuous monitoring would be critical, and, as a parent, you would want to ensure your child was getting the best level of care, whilst also feeling comfortable in their surroundings.

Physicians caring for the …



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